Plant Joy is owned and operated by founder Jordynne Ropat. Jordynne went vegan in 2015 while studying Neuroscience in London, Ontario, where vegan options at the time were more accessible than in Windsor. After finishing her Master’s degree and returning to her hometown of Windsor, she realized that there was nowhere in the city that made vegan doughnuts. So in April 2018, she decided to make them herself.

After initially advertising only on social media and a few local events, she discovered the demand for vegan comfort food was larger than she initially thought. She began attending local markets, and renting kitchen space in the middle of the night, working 12-hour midnight shifts in order to produce enough doughnuts to keep up with demand. Using the power of social media and word of mouth, she gained a loyal following of supportive customers that began showing up to every one of her pop-ups to get a doughnut before they sold out.

We’ve come a long way from those start-up days. After a year of pop-ups, midnight kitchen rental, and loading up the car with boxes and boxes of doughnuts, Plant Joy finally found a place to call home. We now have a storefront and an amazing team.

Plant Joy is located at 5622 Wyandotte St. East.
Come see us - we can’t wait to serve you!



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